Elspeth Rushbrook

Writer, Artist, Composer, Script and Proofreader

Let me spot you're error's...

Whether you're a publisher seeking a freelancer, or an individual wanting a second pair of eyes cast over your work before sending it out somewhere important, let me assist you in making your work ready to go out into the world 

Proofreading is pointing out mistakes in a text - typological, spelling, grammar, punctuation, format,  pointing out difficult phrasing and (where my knowledge allows) inaccurate facts; however, I am not offering myself as a fact checker. Some of my work is closer to copyediting which looks more at the writing itself. I clarify what I do and don't offer more below

I seek clarity and consistency over correctness and conformity for their own sake  

I am trained by Chapterhouse (1996/7) and the Norwich University of the Arts (2001)

I've also been writing and editing myself since 1990

I can work with you by email: I can add comments and changes through Word features

By post, I can add the professional marks by hand (postage and printing costs will apply)

Note I usually liaise with clients by written means

Price on application, dependent on project - no obligation queries welcome

** I give a fixed quote, so there's no nasty surprises when I've done. I am very thorough. I am considerate of the budgets of individual writers on a low income, and charge what's fair

I look at what you ask me to - comments can be included if desired; I make insightful notes

I understand the difference between genre. You have the advantage of someone who writes in different ways and knows that what your thesis requires is not the same as your novel, and who respects your creative voice and doesn't try to make it my own.


What I don't do:

technical work or mark ups


fact checking

advice on legal issues in your work

alter your work; it's for you to decide whether to accept my suggestions and take final responsibility 

... and your strengths

Script Reading involves reading the entire work and writing an objective report

I was trained by the Script Factory in London in 2009. I have read and written scripts for 15 years

The usual report I do is a feedback report 4-5 pages long for a feature length script, although I can do other kinds if required

Television, film, stage, radio, prose are all welcome

The report gives a synopsis; what the dramatic and thematic themes are; comment on dialogue, character, structure, pace

Depending on the media, I also include visual grammar, theatricality, or what's appropriate to the kind of script/prose

I can also simply give comments, tailored to whatever you'd like me to do for you

Please note that although I may make suggestions, I do not alter the work.

It may be you're a producer or a head of a company who regularly receives scripts and wants someone to help assess which ones to take further. Perhaps you've got a script in mind to develop and want an outside opinion

Or it could be your own script - for new writers and anyone more professional - wanting to see if your work comes across how you hope it does. Could you improve it in another draft?

As a writer, I know how it feels to give your creative work to someone else to comment. I also know what kind of comments I'd find helpful. False flattery's not good, but neither's being crushing or rude. If something doesn't work, you'll want to know why - not to simply hear that something's lacking. Without being prescriptive, and respecting the writer's style, I explain what's not working in my opinion and what could be done about it in general terms

I also tell you what's really great!

And if you're worried about plagiarism, I can assure you that your work and ideas are safe

I know too how important that is to writers

Again, price on application, feel free to enquire

Why no testimonials?

I find these somewhat bemusing - don't you? It's a marketing trend, and I am never convinced. One - who knows if the testimonials are real; and second - it doesn't show that there are no unhappy customers. It doesn't prove that this service is right for you - and the best way to do that is to make an enquiry. Yes - I have satisfied customers, who've come back and voluntarily said nice things. 

I hope you'll be one of them.

Why aren't you a Society of Proofreaders member?

Again - my against grain thinking comes out here! You do not have to be a member to practice, and much of that membership fee is about newsletters and advertising as much as standards - one could even see the promotion of joining as a marketing ploy on the society's behalf! As you'll see from this site, I am involved in many activities and subscribing to this organisation didn't seem to have any real benefits weighed against the fee and in some ways loss of freedom.

I have professional qualifications and personally very high standards. I bring insight to the reports and comments I make as well as eyes sharp enough to see errors in printed books by large publishers. So you are not getting lesser quality work or fleeced because I don't quote a certain logo or initials.  My own novel was meticulously checked - I rejected 3 proofs for tiny errors most people wouldn't even notice. So I hope that reassures about how high my standards are.