Elspeth Rushbrook

Writer, Artist, Composer, Script and Proofreader


I have composed since my early teens and fully arrange and often add lyrics to my pieces.

me at Octagon chapel 

I've played in various church settings throughout my life, including my own music, and 5 times in 2 years at Poetry at Olive's, Norwich (2012-4). My last musical appearance was Advent 2015.

My music is most suitable for film scores - I have written it for my own scripts, and my novel has its own theme. Although I can compose in several styles, my works are often epic, ethereal and quite complicated, but still manage to be catchy, and frequently have lyrics with them (I am also a poet).

I am proud to be almost completely self taught on keyboard and guitar (though I did have a fantastic teacher, Justin Nicholls, in my teens) and deliberately eschewed grades and formal qualifications (except obtaining grade 5 theory very quickly). I don't think this detracts from the quality of my work- if anything, it is freer and more flowing.

In 2011, I composed and performed Alessio for my sister's wedding as a gift to her and her husband - a polyphonic, multi instrument piece that included motifs and homage to their musical tastes.

In 2012 I composed an Easter suite which I took to an outdoor Good Friday service in 2012 and 14

and in 2013 began working on two projects:

-musical responses to musicians that have inspired me

-songs from everyday sounds, such as washing machines and truck horns

Examples of my work are at

www.myspace.com/elspethrushbrook and http://www.artradio.tv/elspeth-rushbrook/

Note that the quality is deliberate to avoid downloading