Elspeth Rushbrook

Writer, Artist, Composer, Script and Proofreader

About Us

That's us in the royal sense; apt as I have a particular interest in two of England's greatest queens - Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn - whom I have studied in a research degree. I have lived all around Britain and enjoy finding my feet in new cities. Cities are important to me - to my creative writing and a sense of place - but I am also learning to embrace the country.  Architecture to me is almost spiritual.  

I am keenly spiritual but cannot box my faith.

Books have always been special, and that medium was joined by film in the late 1990s; now I am exploring theatre and radio. I have been a composing musician since my early teens. My work lends itself to film and television scores.

An introduction to the Rainbow began that for DH Lawrence, character is subordinate to plot, and that is true of me too - both in the stories that I am drawn to, and in what I write.

I have a special interest in Jane Eyre (as you'll see from my novel), on which I wrote a well received MA essay, and have also worked on my own subverted adaptation. I've a particular and original view on this book, and I was pleased to share it with the Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury in July 2013, when I looked at screen adaptations over the last 30 years.

My first novel Parallel Spirals is now published. Find out more on the writing page.

I'd love to come and give a reading or talk near you. Get in touch if you're interested

Further details and examples of my work are available to those with a professional interest